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Since 2016 we have been reviewing and evaluating 228 AR / VR / Smart Glasses. The glasses are tested according to 55 criteria in theoretical, practical and laboratory evaluations. Relevant glasses can be lent by our customers. This continuously prevents them from false investments.


Market-Scouting and evaluation requires high expertise and is resource intensive. With our tech-scouting program we take care of this aspect.


With a selection of glasses we go to the lab, to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the glasses' features. For example we measure focal planes to accelerate your decision, whether a glass really works or rather produces a headache.


Most suppliers of glasses do not have a supplier number at your company and you can not even buy the glasses in your country. We organise the international procurement, tax clearance and import for you. We do the basic assessment, initial setup and install standard software (e.g. worker training demos). You just open a box and start the demo.


We evaluate many facts and experiences for you. In structured workshops we regularly come to your company, present the latest results and let you experience the different glasses. This transfers the complex knowledge on the hardware in an easy way to your team.

Being a member of the program you can benefit from not having to take care of the procuring process, evaluating the devices and having several devices constantly available for your team.


The entry level package includes all reports, live try outs in our showroom and 2 HMDs can be lent per year. 


The silver level package includes all services of Bronze level and an additional consulting package. 4 HMDs can be lent per year.


The full solution for corporates includes the possibility to lend all devices available and a participation in workshops in your company.